SSAA Mackay Branch Inc - Q17

Christie George Memorial Team Event

Christopher (Christie) John George was instrumental in the establishment of the ‘George Range’ as the land upon which the range is built was generously provided by Christie and his wife Barbara. Christie was tragically killed in a farm accident in 2005.

The Christie George Memorial Team Event will be conducted on the morning of the Annual Presentation of Trophies held in June / July.

Rules may be changed by the Match Organiser

Pistol Event – Shot on Range 1 and or 2 (50 points)
Distance: 20m
Targets: Twelve steel plates. (Plate racks)
Shots limited: 10 + 2 sighting non-scoring shots
Rules: As per “Action Match” – “Plate Match” – 20m stage (modified)
Two strings of five plates. Each string shot in 30 seconds. One practice shot permitted prior to five scoring shots. Ie 12 shots in total. Ten scoring shots.
Scoring – 5 points per plate. Plates must be hit and knocked down to score.
Centre-fire calibre only (not > .38)
Standard gun only – open sights.
Starting position – gun at 45° No holster draw.

Shotgun Event – Shot on Range 3 (50 points)
Distance: Not Applicable
Targets: 10 clays per shooter.
Clay presentation – mixed.
Shot from shoulder or Sporting Clays stance
Scoring – 5 points per clay

Lever Action Event – Shot on Range 4 (50 points)
Distance: 50m
Targets: 10 Silhouette Pigs.
Shots limited: 10
Rules: As per “Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Lever-Action Silhouette”
Scoring – 5 points per pig
Pigs must be down to score.
Two minutes and thirty seconds to load and fire five rounds.

Field Rifle Event – Shot on Range 4 (50 points)
Distance: 50m
Targets: 50m rimfire
Shots limited: 10
Rules: As per “Rimfire Field Rifle” – “50m Standing Post” (modified)
Scoring – 5 points for shots in the 9 and 10 ring. All other hits are misses. Line hits score the higher value.
10 Shots in 5 minutes
.22 LR only

Total possible score: 200 points.
Event Details:

Competing members need to organise themselves into Teams of Four. This can be done on the day; however early planning will enable you to practise the events by attending the related matches prior to June. Teams need to organise their firearms and ammo. Either you have what you need or simply approach someone and borrow some gear. Who supplies and pays for ammo? Work it out amongst the team.

Each team member will shoot every event. The total score will decide the winning team. If a tie occurs, the winning team will be decided on a count back on the results of the Lever Action Event. If this is also a tie, it will go to the Shotgun Event, then to the Field Rifle and finally the Pistol Event.

If more than one firearm is available for an event, team members are welcome to compete concurrently.

A Range Officer will overseer each event and a Chief RO will run the day. Scoring will be done by the RO or delegate.

Teams will rotate through stages until all stages are completed.

Team Registration: 8:00am
Starting time: 8:30am

Individual team members will receive a trophy celebrating the event.

Drum up a team. Join in and enjoy the day.